Basic information

The PPGemer site forms part of a former manufacturing plant, ZTS Rimavská Sobota, gradually commissioned between 1980 and 1984. The plant originally belonged to a machinery manufacturer, Podpolianske strojárne Detva, and produced add-on equipment and components for skid steer loaders manufactured in Detva. However, due to a downturn in the industry, the ZTS plant in Rimavská Sobota closed down shortly after beginning operation. The premises have not been used since mid-1990s and no new operations were established in the Production Plant.

The PPGemer site is located in the north part of the town, next to major arterial roads I/50 (Bratislava-Košice) and I/72 (R. Sobota – Tisovec). The site falls within the Industrial Zone North which the town of Rimavská Sobota intends to develop, in accordance with its zoning plan, to meet the needs of expanding industrial production in the town. The site is enclosed by a concrete slab fence on the west and south end and by a chain-link fence in the north, where Detox s.r.o. is located in close vicinity.

The whole PPGemer area and the location of its facilities is illustrated and marked in a separate attachment – the site layout.

PPGemer Site Layout

Areas and acreages

The entire estate area totals 115.281 m2, out of which the site itself accounts for 51.014 m2.
The built-up area is 18.949 m2.
If required, the site can be expanded to include a contiguous vacant plot of 12.000 m2 on its east side.

Cadastral Map Image

Technical Infrastructure

The industrial estate is connected to existing utility infrastructure, namely drinking water, natural gas and electricity supply and storm drainage and sanitary sewerage systems.

Water: The site is connected to public water distribution network by an individual HDPE DN 225 supply pipe with the capacity of 31,0 l/sec.
It also has its independent wells and non-potable water distribution system.

Electricity: The site is connected to the SSE Žilina 22 kV distribution grid. There is a dedicated unit substation including four transformers with a total capacity of 4 x 1 MW (not in use). The site is currently connected to the 22 kV grid via a dedicated mast transformer with the capacity of 160 kVA.

Natural Gas: The site is connected to medium-pressure gas distribution network via a DN 200 (300KPa) supply pipe.

Storm Drainage System: The entire site is drained, including the parking lot, roads and sidewalks on the site. The storm drainage system empties into the river Rimava.

Sanitary Sewerage System: All buildings on site are connected to sanitary sewerage system carrying waste to a biological wastewater treatment plant of the nearby village of Čerenčany. The wastewater treatment plant was rebuilt in 2009-2010.

Telephone, Internet: A sufficient number of telephone connections to high-speed internet are available through Slovak Telecom optical cable adjacent to the site.

Transportation access: The site is connected to state arterial road I/72 R. Sobota – Tisovec by its own access road across lots No. 2879/5 and 200/11, ending in a car park on lot No. 2903/45 at the entrance to the site itself. A dedicated railway siding on the premises passes through lots No. 2903/238, 2903/234, 2903/237, 2903/240, 2928/4 and 2700/4 and connects the site to Rimavská Sobota railway station.

There are tarmac roads with sidewalks on the premises, as well as areas reinforced with concrete. All roads drain into the storm drainage system.

PPGemer Transportation Access