Facilities on Site

There are five buildings on the site, registered in the property deed, namely:
  • A. Production Plant with a technical extension on lot No. 2903/92,
  • B. Office Building on lot No. 2903/214,
  • C. Cargo Gate Lodge on lot No. 2903/49,
  • D. Warehouse on lot No. 2903/124,
  • E. Staff Gate Lodge on lot No. 2903/65.
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A. Production Plant

Production Plant is a single storey building with a prefabricated reinforced-concrete transversal bearing frame structure and with external walls from clamped siporex blocks. Its ground plan dimensions are 138 x 129,4 m. The frames form seven longitudinal naves with a span of 18,0 m each. Crosswise the plant is divided by pillars into 6,0 m axial sections. The plant is equipped with crane rails for bridge cranes and a total of 11 bridge cranes with the lifting capacity of 5 t and 12,5 t. It is covered with a single skin flat non-ventilated roof. Skylights and Copilit facade panelling provide natural light in the interior.
A technical extension is attached to the plant on the south side – a one-story building made of prefabricated reinforced concrete frame elements. The roof is a single skin flat non-ventilated structure.
The total floor area of the Production Plant is 16.532 m2, the floor area of the technical extension building is 1.151 m2, offering a combined total of 17.683 m2.

Production Plant – Floor Plan
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B. Office Building

Office Building is a building with four above-ground floors and a pent roof; it forms a single block with the Production Plant and the technical extension, to which it provides direct access while still constituting an independent dilation unit. Its bearing structure is a pre-cast reinforced concrete frame, fitted with an exterior shell combining pre-cast aerated concrete blocks and a light sandwich shell of aluminium and metal profiles and glass. The dimensions of the ground plan are 25,5 x 26,5 m. The total floor area of the Office Building is 2.393 m2.

Office Building – Floor Plan 1st floor
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C. Cargo Gate Lodge

Cargo Gate Lodge is a rectangular 7,0 x 16,0 m building with a prefabricated frame structure and external and gable walls from pre-cast aerated silicate concrete blocks. It serves as a security service office and a spare space. It is also fitted with controls of the adjacent truck scales. The floor area of the Cargo Gate Lodge is 96,70 m2.

Nákladná vrátnica - pôdorys
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D. Warehouse

The Warehouse is a single storey building with a flat roof and no exterior shell. Its bearing structure is a prefab steel frame, covered with a roof shell consisting of a series of purlins. The ground plan dimensions are 66,20 x 9,70 m.


Detailed images of each building are provided in the attached drawings and the photo documentation.According to structural engineering assessment, all the facilities are compliant; roof water insulation on all buildings shows localized damage. The buildings lack a functioning heating. The site’s supply and distribution systems of electricity, water and natural gas and the sewerage system are fully functional.