Priemyselny park - Rimavska Sobota - Region
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Region Rimavská Sobota

The town of Rimavská Sobota is the seat of district authorities. The district of Rimavská Sobota is located in the south-east of the Banská Bystrica region, next to the districts of Revúca, Brezno, Lučenec and Poltár, and bordering with Hungary in the south. With an area of 1.471 km2 it is the largest district in the region and the third largest district in Slovakia, benefiting from a population of almost 83.000 inhabitants.

The industrial structure of the district sets it apart from other regions within Slovakia, it is fragmented and a number of industries are represented including mining, chemical industry, engineering, electrotechnics, clothing, shoemaking and food processing.

The Industrial Park and its potential investors stand to benefit from a readily available and competitively priced workforce in the region. As of 31 December 2013, the district of Rimavská Sobota had an economically active population of 41.000, out of which 13.000 job seekers were available for employment. The district’s economically active population represents 12,5% of the economically active population of the region, yet its share of available job seekers within the region is almost 21%. In absolute terms the workforce available in the Rimavská Sobota district is sufficient to meet the needs of a developing industrial park.

Wages in the district of Rimavská Sobota are considerably lower compared to wage levels on the national scale In 2012 the average nominal wage of employees in the Rimavská Sobota district was EUR 554, which is 18% less than the average monthly nominal wage of EUR 675 in the Banská Bystrica region and as much as 31% less than the national average. The wage level analysis clearly indicates that wages in the Rimavská Sobota district are among the lowest in Slovakia, which, on the other hand, is a factor enhancing competitiveness of the park’s investors.

Investment Incentives

As regards access to investment incentives, the region of Rimavská Sobota, where Gemer Industrial Park is located, is one of the regions in Slovakia that provide the most attractive conditions in terms of volume and structure of incentives available to investors.

Investment incentives, SARIO r.2013